Patti Garcia


I create and teach visual art to help others find a voice. Please visit my creative “other places”.

Light Sample


What is light? Light is one of the key elements in photography, it is vital for adding emotion and information. Looking for the best times in the early day and the late afternoon “Golden” light outdoors is ideal. Interior photos are best done by a window that allows light to come in. Become familiar and…

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The Abstract

The abstract form is inviting and mysterious, it’s outside of the world of reality. Seeing the world of shapes and light help explore deep into one’s own thoughts of wonder. They take us out of our comfort zone and make us question what we see. The abstract is open to interpretations of ideas, it’s unique…

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Working With People

What’s the secret to photographing people? COMFORT ZONE Snapping the camera at the right moment can be hit or miss? but it doesn’t have to be. Capturing the emotions of people is called the “Human Condition” and people are best when they feel comfortable with the camera. But this doesn’t always happen. So, start by…

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